6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Homogeneous Floor Tiles

Choosing your tiles can be a stressful decision to make. However, it is an essential part of your renovating journey as tiles cover a majority of surfaces in your new space. When it comes to your selection of tiles, homogeneous tiles are a popular choice that often comes up as an option for homeowners in Singapore.


What are Homogeneous Floor Tiles?

Homogeneous floor tiles are unglazed porcelain tiles. The colour runs through the entire clay tile, hence the name. The tiles are subjected to an extremely high and long firing temperature, which results in the strength and water-tightness of the end product. If you are considering homogeneous tiles for your new home or commercial space, read on to find out more about their properties.

1. Popular in Spaces with Heavy Foot Traffic

Broadway 30x60cm, Matt R10

  • Homogeneous tiles are very dense and have high bending strength. These heavy-duty tiles can withstand extreme weight and pressure without showing signs of breakage or chipping, making them perfect for spaces with heavy foot traffic, such as offices and malls.
  • They are therefore also suitable for use in homes, where there is relatively lesser traffic.


2. Homogeneous Tiles are Water-Resistant

Sale Pepe 30.5x30.5cm, Matt R9

  • Homogeneous tiles have a much lower absorption rate than other popular tile choices such as ceramic tiles. This means that they are water-resistant, and thus great for damp spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor patios.
  • They are also extremely durable as their non-porous property prevents them from being easily affected by changes in temperature and moisture level.
  • Homogeneous tiles are also very versatile as they can be used on surfaces like bathroom walls or kitchen backsplash, apart from floors. 

3. Low Maintenance

Mars 30x60cm, Matt R10


  • The structure of homogeneous tiles makes them very easy to clean as they are stain and chemical resistant. These tiles do not absorb or soak up liquids so they can easily be mopped up, preventing stains from being left on the surface.
  • The appearance of homogeneous tiles have prolonged longevity as any cracks or chips on the tile, the surface would not be noticeable due to its consistent composition of the material that runs throughout the whole body of the tile. Therefore,homogeneous tiles are ideal for spaces where surfaces are more prone to scratches, such as households with children or pets.

4. Range of Designs

Notion 60x60cm, Matt R11

  • Homogeneous tiles can be pretty consistent and therefore, quite limited. It is difficult to ensure that designs such as the vein pattern of marble or wood can travel from the surface through to the entire body.
  • Although not as varied, homogeneous tiles usually come in a solid colour or grain-like pattern, which is complementary to most spaces. 

5. Costs

Zero 30x30cm, Matt R10

  • Homogeneous tiles are not the cheapest compared to other flooring options like ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring.
  • However, they are still fairly affordable as opposed to natural stones tiles or solid hard wood. Moreover, they are a worthy investment for your project due to their durability and fuss-free nature. 

6. Installation

Granada 30x30cm, Matt R9

  • Homogeneous tiles can be tricky to work with as they are heavier and thus more difficult to cut for fitting into awkward corners.
  • Should you wish to install homogeneous tiles on the second floor of your home, it is important to ensure that the structure of the building is strong enough to support the added weight of the tiles. It is highly recommended to hire professionals to install your floors when homogeneous tiles are used.


How to Maintain Homogeneous Floor Tiles?

Like any other tiles, homogeneous tiles are very easy to clean, provided that dirt and stains are regularly cleaned from the surface. To keep your tiles looking their best, regular and thorough cleaning is usually recommended. The following are some ways to maintain your homogeneous floor tiles.

1. Dry Mopping

Mopping your homogeneous floor tiles with a dry mop on a regular basis will keep your tiles looking their best while removing dust and debris that can scratch the surface.

2. pH-Neutral Cleaner

pH-neutral cleaners are neither acidic nor basic, making them safe for cleaning all types of tiles, including homogeneous tiles. Before cleaning your homogeneous floor tiles, make sure to read and follow the instructions and warnings on the label of the cleaner.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

Diluted rubbing alcohol is a common antiseptic that can safely and effectively clean ceramic tiles including homogeneous tiles. Once you have cleaned your floor, rinse the diluted rubbing alcohol from the tiles with cool water and dry the surface.

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