A Blast from the Past – Decorative Tiles in Your Home

Both bold and beautiful, decorative tiles can offer visual interest and add a timeless charm to your interior. As more people choose to express their styles through vibrant colours and mesmerising patterns, decorative tiles have been increasingly growing in popularity and seen in more interiors. If you are looking to transform your house by incorporating decorative tiles, Soon Bee Huat offers a variety of tiles to suit your taste. Among them are the Oxford and Heritage series.

1. Oxford Tiles

Oxford 33.3x33.3cm, Matt R9

Hailing from Spain, this Peranakan-inspired collection comes in a series of patterns which combine the two basic colours – black and white. These monochromatic tones easily fit in with any aesthetic, making your space look timeless and classy at the same time.

Other than the classic black and white patterns, Oxford tiles also come in complementing décor which feature different floral motifs, to add a splash of colour to your space.

Oxford tiles are suitable for both floor and wall coverings, so you can fill your space with more patterns and designs, to your heart’s content. As this series has a satin finish, cleaning and maintenance also becomes easier. 

2. Heritage Tiles

Heritage 16.5x16.5cm, Matt R9 

While Oxford utilises the most basic colours of the colour spectrum, Heritage uses the remaining colours to create Peranakan tiles in Singapore designs such as colourful floral motifs. The traditional features and artistic details of Heritage can bring you back to the past and allow you to experience a good dose of nostalgia.

Similar to Oxford, Heritage tiles are suitable for both wall and floor coverings, and likewise require little maintenance since they are easy to clean.

Incorporating decorative tiles in your home can add texture to your space and bring out your room's character. If your house has an open floor plan, decorative tiles also work to separate the spaces, whilst maintaining the illusion of a large space.

If you're looking to decorate your home with colours and patterns, you need not look far as Soon Bee Huat has many decorative tiles that can suit your home's design. As we pride ourselves as the tiles and stones specialist in Singapore, you can trust us to complete the home of your dreams.