Pros and Cons of Natural Granite Flooring

Granite is a natural stone that comes in many different characters and pattern variations. Whether it is installed on countertops, walls or flooring, natural granite adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to any space. For the perfect blend of function and beauty, natural granite flooring continues to be a popular option for homeowners in Singapore. As the floor is one of the larger elements in a home, it plays a big part in bringing out the best of your interior design. Wondering if natural granite will be the ideal flooring material for your home? Read on for the pros of natural granite flooring when incorporated into your living space.


      Highly durable - One of the best features of natural granite flooring is its incredible durability, making it perfect for places that often get scratched. Additionally, natural granite flooring is a great choice for houses with balconies and swimming pool decks as it will not fade or decolourise much under exposure to direct sunlight.


      Excellent water resistance - Particularly for the bathroom and kitchen, having a floor that is susceptible to water damage is the last thing anyone expects. This is another reason why homeowners choose natural granite for installation in these areas. More importantly, long-term exposure to moisture can encourage mould growth if one is not careful. Not only will this affect the appearance of your flooring, but this can be harmful to the health of your family. However, with natural granite, this flooring material can resist water and scratches once it is properly sealed.


      Has hypoallergenic qualities - Allergies can greatly impact one’s quality of life, even in the comfort of one’s home. If you have loved ones who suffer from asthma or any other allergies, you can rest assured that natural granite flooring will not add to your worries. These symptoms will be minimised with the hypoallergenic qualities of natural granite flooring, making it all the more desirable to purchase. 


      Great for resale value - Planning to sell your apartment in the near future? Trends fade in popularity over time, so you will probably want something that will always be in style. With their beautiful patterns and textures, natural granite floorings will camouflage any potential wear and tear in the long run. With proper care, you can expect that it will maintain its great condition and add value to your property.  


      Available in many styles - If you are starting from scratch with a new home, that’s great as you can be creative with your selection. For those who are looking for a flooring option to match their existing natural granite decor, you will be spoilt for choice as this material is available in a wide selection of colours, designs and styles. In fact, natural granite can come in different surface finishes: Polished, flamed, brushed and matte. For instance, the most common one is the polished granite finish, which has a shiny, almost mirror-like surface. In general, these types of finishes will determine the final look of the natural granite slab, so have fun choosing the one for your home!



However, one downside of natural granite flooring is that being one of the heaviest flooring materials, it will require professional installation. Thus, it is better to leave it to the professionals to ensure a smooth installation process.


With that being said, natural granite will ultimately be a stylish yet durable choice for your home. Confused with the process of choosing the right natural granite flooring for your abode? Here at Soon Bee Huat, we have the largest tiles variety in Singapore with a technology offering a unique design experience for everyone. As we pride ourselves as the tile and stone specialist, you can trust us to complete the home of your dreams.