How to Clean Polished and Matt Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a popular flooring choice for many homeowners in Singapore. However, without proper maintenance, your floor and grout will accumulate dirt and lose its original sparkle. Stains can range from shoe markings on the entrance of your home to mildew on your bathroom floor.

Different types of porcelain floor tiles require different cleaning methods to keep your floor looking at its best. Read on to find out how you can keep different types of porcelain tiles spick and span.


Types of Porcelain Tiles


1.    Polished Porcelain Tiles

Memento 29.5x59cm, Polished

Polished porcelain tiles undergo an additional phase in the manufacturing process where a protective layer of liquid glass is added, giving them their glossy appearance and non-porous qualities. To clean them, you can:

  • Sweep your floor on a regular basis and occasionally vacuum it to remove any loose dirt. Note that surface scratches or wear and tear may cause a colour difference on your polished porcelain tiles.
  • Opt for a microfibre mop or cloth. Microfibres are super fine and gentle on your tiles, which, unlike stiff brushes and abrasive cloths, will not scratch your floor surface even if you are removing stubborn stains.
  • It is not necessary to scrub polished porcelain tiles as they are easy to maintain. However, if you prefer to use a cleaning solution, you should look for very gentle ones. You can even hand-wash your walls and floors if you’d like to!


2.    Matt Porcelain Tiles

Flow 600 White Ret 60x60cm, Matt R9

Matt porcelain tiles are more slip-resistant than polished ones, which makes them perfect for areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Matt porcelain tiles are also more scratch-resistant, making them suitable for use in households with pets. Here are some useful tips when using cleaning solutions for your matt porcelain tiles:

  • Unglazed porcelain matt tiles are more sturdy and less porous than glazed porcelain matt tiles. As such, they can withstand chemicals of higher acidity.
  • Meanwhile, glazed porcelain matt tiles would require cleaning with gentler cleaning solutions to protect and maintain the tile surface.


Generally, both polished and matt porcelain tiles can be cleaned with cleaning solutions. However, take note of the following when choosing a cleaning solution for your tiles:

  • Avoid highly acidic formulas or products containing ammonia or bleach, which may otherwise eat into the tile’s finish, or even the tile itself.
  • If you are planning to try a new cleaning solution, remember to check the instructions on the packaging. You can also test it on a small portion of the flooring first to be safe.
  • You can also easily DIY your own solution by making a mixture of vinegar and water.


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