Our Top 7 Tile Trends for 2021

There is a common misconception of the word “trend” being associated with “new”, implying that they can get old sooner or later and go out of style. This is one reason why some homeowners in Singapore do not explore further into furniture that is trending. However, while new home decor and design trends show up every year, there are some which have always popped up consistently as a hot favourite in the past. If you have started researching on tiles, you are probably aware of the eclectic mix you will get to choose from!


Your tiles will be important in setting the foundation of your home, especially if you are starting from scratch with your brand-new home design. From there, it will be easier for you to decide on furniture later on. To help you out, we have rounded up some of our top marble tile trends for both colours and patterns, some of which you can consider incorporating in your own interior design:


1. Neutrals:

EPK 60x60cm, Polished

If you are the type that seeks simplicity in your colour scheme, neutrals are back on the popularity radar. If you like the idea of white interiors but still want a little colour, neutral colours like cream, beige and ivory are simple yet elegant, with a hint of luxe.


Featured here is EPK, a classic cream coloured tile. This collection exhibits a realistically accurate portrayal of the popular stone look. The EPK tile collection expresses the beautifully soothing tone that can fit seamlessly in most design schemes. 

2. Grey:

Prestige 60x60cm, Polished

Rather than the classic monochrome duo, grey shades are becoming highly favoured among homeowners. While perceived as dark and moody, grey hues are able to add a sense of sophistication and even make your home feel cozy.


Take a look at Prestige, a stone inspired series that is designed to last. This is a porcelain tile collection simulating the gist of stone and recreates a space with much grace and naturalness that is full of consistent and realistic details throughout the pieces.

3. Subway Tile Pattern:

Gallery 7.5x30cm, Glossy

For a cutting-edge look, such long and narrow tiles are more commonly used in bathroom settings.


With a charming dynamism of delicate style, Gallery will widen and brighten your space. This subway series is great when you want a space to look longer and roomier, regardless of the layout pattern. Gallery adds a touch of design so positively and effortlessly, without being too busy even for a small space where too much pattern could be overload. If you want to add a little sparkle in your home, you can opt for White and Blue in a glossy finish. Or you can choose white and black in matte finish, which will enhance the overall aesthetic of the room.

4. Marble Effect:

Audra 60x120cm, Polished

Regardless of the veining in the marble tiles, the style of marble can truly elevate the look of your home. From walls to floors, islands to vanity tops, the look of marble can instantly add luxury to any space.


Here, Audra brings modern elegance of marble into both residential and commercial spaces, using a robust colour theme and some very elegant feathery veining. More interestingly, Audra allows the tile design veins to join and form a mega marble piece. To achieve a cohesive look, this type of marble effect tile is a great option to consider.

5. Hexagon Tile Pattern:

Carrara Hex 21.5x25cm, Matt R9

These geometric-shaped tiles will add a little twist to the mandatory square and rectangle tiles. The shape itself can make a visual impact, easily becoming a statement in your interior design.


One example is Carrara Hex with its hexagonal shape and organic strokes of wild marble essence, which establishes a harmonious sophistication in your daily life. Tessellating this collection can definitely put an interesting spin on your home.

6. Metallic Effect:

Forge Metal 60x60cm and 30x120cm, Matt R10

Metallic tiles are all the rage in interior design trends. They can amp up the drama of any space and are ideal for those who desire an opulent appearance in their home.


Take a look at Forge Metal for inspiration. This tile has a metal-look surface that embraces industrial-chic aesthetic solutions. Four intense colour variants intertwine the iridescent effects of metal, oxidation and curious reflections on the porcelain stoneware surface. It features original low reliefs, specially designed for installation on floors and walls. Give your home a chance to shine with Forge Metal tiles.

7. Florals:

Tahiri Garden 25x25cm, Matt R9

Floral tiles can add a splash of nature and colour to your space, which can brighten up not just your surroundings, but also your mood.


Tahiri Garden is a vibrant and flamboyant series which gives off the energetic vibes of a lively tropical forest and radiates a calming effect. This would definitely be a great addition to your abode, especially for nature lovers.

Whether on the floor or walls, these tile trends will continue to be an everlasting constant over the years, which makes them worth a try for your interior design. Preparing for a home remodel or wanting to make a switch of tiles? Here at Soon Bee Huat, we have the largest tiles variety in Singapore with a technology offering a unique design experience for everyone. As we pride ourselves as the tile and stone specialist, you can trust us to complete the home of your dreams.